Personal Investment Advice

Wealth Rite Advisory Group was created to make highly attractive and sort after investment opportunities available to regular people.

Our licensed financial planners will educate you on suitable opportunities that can help you build and protect your wealth based on your situation. Many of our highly attractive options are exclusive to Wealth Rite Advisory Group with historical performances that will pleasantly surprise.

Many of these not so well known options can truly have the potential to greatly improve your outcome.

Direct investments or superannuation

Wealth Rite Advisory Group leads the way with our partners SMA (Sole Managed Account) securities investment portfolios. SMA is a future of superannuation, allowing you to have a fully professionally tailored and managed investment portfolio with results standard super funds would struggle to match.

Average return from our SMA accounts

3 Years

5 Years

Results that speak for themselves unbiased advice

The earning potential of our professionally managed accounts has the potential to transform your outcome. Access to professionally managed portfolios normally only considered an option for wealthy investors.

With a 5 year average of 15% PA and an even better 20% PA average in the last three years after fees. Wealth Rite Advisory Group provides you access to SMA accounts that have largely outperformed the top retail or industry superfunds.

Note: Every client has a tailored, unique investment profile, results are based on an approximate average return. Past performance is not indicative of future performance.

WRAG managed SMA fund average 5 year performance compared to top performing superfunds

Comparative results of top industry & retail funds are based on balanced investment portfolios – Source:

Fully tailored diversified investment strategies

Superior risk-adjusted returns
  • Shares
  • Fixed Interest
  • Derivatives
  • Cash/Money Markets
  • Commodities
  • Term deposits
  • Foreign currencies
  • Foreign exchange
  • Managed investments
  • Alternatives

Superior results from direct access and advanced technology!

Our direct access to global investment markets allows you to cutout many layers of fees typical investors face and our superior technology allows you to track and monitor every aspect of your portfolio and its performance.

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