Personal Insurance Advice

Insurance is essential to protect you and your family’s future wealth and well being. It is vital that you have the correct insurance to suit your risks and needs. We tailor insurance solutions that only cover what you need so you are neither over nor underinsured.

Our financial advisors can help you with:

Life Insurance

Term life insurance is a replacement income for your beloved ones.

It pays a pre-agreed amount in a lump sum at the time of death.

Trauma Cover

This is insurance for critical illnesses, such as cancer, strokes and heart attacks. It is paid in a lump sum to cover medical expenses and ongoing recovery and rehabilitation costs.

Income Protection

This provides a monthly benefit that contributes towards a replacement income if the life insured is unable to work and is disabled, in most cases, for longer than the specified waiting period.

Total & Permenant Disability (TPD)

This covers you for permanent loss of work due to serious illness or injury. It is paid in a lump sum.

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